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Tauchgerätefertigung: Entwicklung und Herstellung von Tauchgeräten & Tauchtechnik

Our services – Everything you need to dive – from diving equipment to safety warning systems

Your professional provider of diving technology and many more products for use on and underwater

Tatum GmbH in Beckum, Germany, is your one-stop-shop for diving equipment, diving apparatus, safety warning systems and many more product for use on and underwater.

As such, we provide you with a comprehensive range of services. As a customer-oriented company, our objectives are as follows:

  • To develop and manufacture ready-to-use diving apparatus in accordance with DIN EN 250 or 15333. We do this using our own in-house, German-made products or carefully selected components and modules from expert suppliers.
  • To maintain a modular design for all our products, thus ensuring maximum flexibility and low maintenance costs.
  • To adapt our products to your needs.
  • To develop and manufacture products that will change the face of diving – be it directly or indirectly. Examples of this include our free-flow helmets and umbilical supply systems.

Do you have any questions regarding our DIN EN 250 or 15333-compliant diving apparatus or our other products, such as umbilical systems and free-flow helmets? If so, please call us at the Tatum GmbH headquarters in Beckum, Germany on +49 (0)2522-938994, or use our contact form.