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Berufstaucher: Druckgasflaschen und Wechselflaschen-Systeme sowie Druckminderer

For professional divers: pressurised gas canisters, canister changing systems and pressure regulators

Tatum GmbH offers certified products for professional divers, such as stands for single and twin canisters

German manufacturer Tatum GmbH offers the following DIN EN 250 or 15333-certified products for professional divers:

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Our products for professional divers

Tatum FS pressure regulator

Berufstaucher: Druckgasflaschen und Wechselflaschen-Systeme sowie Druckminderer

The Tatum FS pressure regulator combines two Tatum Mono FS pressure regulators in one housing, connected by a connection piece with a shut-off mechanism. As such, the design makes full use of the advantages of the Tatum Mono FS. What is more, only one high-pressure connection is required to exploit the benefits of two redundant breathing regulators. The pressure regulator in question can be shut off from the high pressure by simply turning the control wheel 90° in either direction. During normal operation, both pressure regulators are pressurised.

The system also complies with the required safety standards for a number of diving applications. When equipped with the approved breathing regulators, the Tatum FS pressure regulator becomes a redundant system, and can replace two individual breathing regulators with canister shut-off valves. The inflator connection for the jacket or dry suit is always on the secondary regulator. Like our other apparatus, the Tatum FS pressure regulator has a modular design, and aside from the housing and the shut-off unit, it uses exactly the same modules as the Tatum Mono FS pressure regulator.

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Tatum Mono FS pressure regulator

Berufstaucher: Druckgasflaschen und Wechselflaschen-Systeme sowie Druckminderer

The Tatum Mono FS pressure regulator offers a simple way of reducing the high pressure to the working pressure of the connected breathing regulators. The pressure is regulated in straight proportion to the ambient pressure. Instead of the usual steel spring, a pre-pressurised gas cushion is used as the reference or setpoint. This allows you to use a larger working piston, thus facilitating better control behaviour and optimum heat exchange. Gas-pressure-controlled pressure regulators offer excellent fine adjustment while still being able to handle high gas flow rates.

The control behaviour is not affected by the set working pressure (medium pressure), and in turn does not affect the functioning of commonly used breathing regulators. Large surfaces and line cross-sections facilitate the exchange of heat between the surroundings (water) and the depressurised gas, an effect that can be enhanced by ensuring that the flow characteristics of the gas are as laminar as possible. Even at low water temperatures of < 4°C, the depressurised gas is not much colder than its surroundings. This prevents ice from forming on moving components, even when the gas is moistened.

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"Darklight" hinged anti-sweat window for EXO 26 full-face diving mask

Berufstaucher: Druckgasflaschen und Wechselflaschen-Systeme sowie Druckminderer

Für die Konstruktion und Auslegung des Schweißschutz- Klappfensters lagen die Anforderungsprofile der Betreiber zu Grunde. Über eine formschlüssige Verbindung wird das Schweißschutzklappfenster an der Vollmaske EXO 26 befestigt. Das Klappgelenk wird dabei vor die Vollmaske verlegt.

Die Schutzgläser werden zwischen zwei formschlüssigen, der Frontpartie der Vollmaske angepassten, Blechausschnitte geklemmt. Abstandsscheiben verhindern dass die Schutzscheiben verspannt werden. Die Form der Schutzgläser ist so gewählt, dass ein möglichst großes Blickfeld für den Taucher vorhanden bleibt.

Der einfache Aufbau lässt es zu, Schutzgläser mit verschiedenen Schutzstufen zu verwenden. Der Umbau lässt sich einfach und schnell durchführen.

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